Meet Miss Appletarian


An apple a day is the fitness mantra of this lady, who lives only on apples and keeps other food completely at bay.

Yana Louis (46), a ballet dancer and yoga trainer from London and now settled in Bangalore, has been living on apples for the past twenty years. “She doesn’t eat any food items as we do,” said Sarvana Dhanpal, Yana’s friend. “She is doing it for the past two decades. She believes that this habit keeps her healthy.”

Yana strictly believes in the adage an apple a day keeps the doctor away. She quit eating cooked and processed food at the age of 26 and has been living only on fruits since then. According to her, such foods are hard to digest and contribute little nutritionally as they contain synthetic chemicals and added flavours. Yana, however, occasionally consumes nuts and other fruits too.

She feels that eating apples helps her to live in harmony with nature. “This is the way I have found to live with the nature,” said Yana Louis. “I eat apples because they keep us healthy and fit. I eat fruits that emerge only out of flowers.”

For Yana, fruits are the best source of energy to keep the body sound and healthy. Though she doesn’t have a strict timetable for eating fruits, Yana eats apples whenever she is hungry.

Yana says that these fruits keep her active and energetic throughout the day, in which she practises and teaches ballet for more than eight hours and also yoga for about three hours.

Yana, who has designed a comprehensive exercise programme combining callanetics and pilates that consists of non-aerobic exercises to strengthen muscles without building muscle bulk, believes that the habit of eating apples helps her overcome physical weaknesses.

“Over time, this habit combined with good exercise helps in developing a toned and sculpted physique,” said Yana.